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Service and support

Product support and maintenance

Gall Thomson provides full support for all its products: from specification and design to end-user support and maintenance.

Product Activation

For advice and procedures on what to do when a MBC activation occurs, please contact us.

Tel:   +44 1493 857936

Fax:  +44 1493 850888


Office open hours Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (9.00 to 17.00) GMT.

You can also request assistance via our Activation Support Request Form.

After sales support

The Gall Thomson ethos is to provide an exceptional service through the full life of its products. We seek close and long-term working relationships with our customers where together we deliver safe and reliable product transfer solutions.

The benefit is After Sales Support that is of the standard you would expect from a leading technology company.

Support includes:Enfield Gall Thomson

Spare parts advice and delivery.

Product refurbishment.

Conversion of existing units from Single to Double Closure or from uni-directional to bi-directional flow.

Resetting of activated units.

Product training.

Global coverage

Support can be direct with Gall Thomson or through our worldwide network of skilled and knowledgeable representatives.


Gall Thomson offers a repair and refurbishment service.

The unit will be inspected at Gall Thomson facilities and a quotation will then be provided detailing costs and time to complete the work.

Following refurbishment the unit will be tested and re-certified before being returned to you.

To discuss the refurbishing of a Gall Thomson unit, please contact us on:

+44 1493 857936