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The proven technology of Gall Thomson

Gall Thomson’s proven technology has been protecting assets, personnel, and the environment for over 40 years.

Comprehensive field experience even in the harshest of marine environments and a track record of having more than 2,300 MBCs in service, means Gall Thomson possesses a formidable depth of understanding and extensive in-field data that enables unrivaled informed designs, accurate specifications, and cost-effective support.

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Gall Thomson, therefore, offers an unprecedented record of delivering units that perform precisely as expected: saving the hose system and associated structures from damage and preventing potentially severe environmental pollution and costly clean-up and vessel downtime.

Minimum product outflow following activation has been confirmed by all 250 successful parting incidents to date.*

Okha iceHarsh marine environments

Even in the harshest of marine environments, Gall Thomson MBCs consistently deliver reliability around the world.





Gall Thomson offshore terminal


Safe transfer of a vast range of liquid media

Gall Thomson MBCs are designed to meet the demands of a range of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and gas product transfers.

Photo: Gall Thomson MBC fitted within hose connection to FSO.




Wide range of applications

All Gall Thomson MBCs are tested and proven to suit their respective transfer applications and systems.

Photo: Espadarte.






All Gall Thomson units undergo rigorous testing before being certified.

Unrivaled quality control procedures are integrated throughout the manufacturing process; including material management within components. For example, break stud ratings are tested from the same titanium material as used in the final product.

Gall Thomson can also perform additional tests according to customer requirements.

MBC test

Photo: Gall Thomson MBC being prepared for an extreme bend test.

*Confirmed by field operators’ performance reports. 2012.