Underbuoy model analysis - Gall Thomson

Underbuoy model analysis

Single Point Mooring model analysis

An example of Gall Thomson expertise being applied to a Single Point Mooring underbuoy system.

Gall Thomson can construct a computer model of the proposed SPM underbuoy system.

This underbuoy model is then tested against different operating and environmental conditions.

Typical data collected include water depth range, current, operational wave and survival wave variables including significant wave height and wave period; hose data (dimensions, bending stiffness) and mooring chain behaviour.

The data is analysed and recommendations are made by Gall Thomson. This analysis allows Gall Thomson to determine the exact positioning of UBCs within the hose string; along with safe setting designs for UBC parting load.

Typical screenshots from the Orcaflex system SPM computer model analysis

  • single point mooring model analysis
  • single point mooring modelling
  • single point mooring analysis

This analysis delivers an understanding of SPM underbuoy system behaviour in varying environmental and operating conditions. The system is also used by marine contractors, hose manufacturers and offshore engineering contractors.