Underbuoy Breakaway Couplings - Gall Thomson
Introducing the
most advanced
Petal Valve Marine
Breakaway Coupling
in the world

Fitted as standard
20% weight reduction,
CNC Petals, improved
Petal Seals and
Refurbishment Label

Locking Petals,
Unit Status Indicators,
Lifting Lugs and Ultrafloat

operational and

The evolution of proven
technology based on four
decades of operational

Underbuoy Breakaway Couplings

Underbuoy protection with the Gall Thomson range of Underbuoy Breakaway Couplings

Gall Thomson Underbuoy Petal UBC Gall Thomson Underbuoy Flip Flap UBC
Petal Valve UBC Flip-Flap Valve UBC
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This range of Underbuoy Breakaway Couplings is designed to protect Single Point Mooring Terminal Underbuoy hose systems from the risk of vessel collision or extreme weather.

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The proven technology of Gall Thomson

This Underbuoy Breakaway Coupling range is based on proven Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway technology which has evolved over the last 35 years to become the most reliable option for safe offshore transfer.

Minimum product outflow following activations has been confirmed by all 250 successful Marine Breakaway parting incidents to date.

Gall Thomson MBCs are the global Industry Standard

Terminals around the world employ Gall Thomson MBCs as part of their underbuoy systems. These include a range of sizes, configurations and applications.