Protected Transfer Systems (PTX)

Protected Transfer Systems (PTX)

The complete emergency release system for crude oil transfer

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PTX oil offshore protected transfer

Quick and safe active shut-off coupling and release system for SPM, STS, FPSO, FSO and CBM crude oil transfer operations

The PTX Protected Transfer Systems enables active transfer system emergency disconnection in an emergency.

PTX is a new standard in minimizing risk to operations, assets, people, reputations and the environment: designed to meet the expectations of modern and efficient offshore transfer operations.

ptx release ptx release bore ptx arn

Simple example of a PTX ship-to-ship (STS) mid-ship configuration
PTX offshore oil protected STS

  1. PTX Release coupling.
  2. Reflex HPU push button activation.
  3. PTX Hose Saddle and Fall Arrest (optional).
  4. Camlock quick connections.
  5. PODx (Powered Offshore Disconnect) for Tanker Derrick Hose support quick release.

Also see Protection Status Guide

Safety benefits

  • Minimizes risk of injury.
  • Activated from a safe distance using dedicated Reflex HPU.
  • Safe emergency disconnection when loading/offloading operation is aborted.
  • Enables safe operation in accordance with HAZOP requirements.
  • Can be integrated with PODx.

Environmental benefits

  • Zero spill at post-activation – risk of pollution avoided.
  • Prevents oil spill clean-up operations.
  • Prevents damage to the environment.

Operational benefits

  • Easy to connect and disconnect using Camlocks.
  • Simple to operate with compact HPU.
  • Easy to retrofit.
  • Provides an active element to the passive MBC.
  • Hose release on demand: fully controllable PTX activation.
  • Compact with minimum on-deck footprint.
  • Stand-alone system with no requirement for ship integration unless required.
  • Improved control of operational management and procedures.
  • Minimizes the risk of ruptured hoses.

PTX Release

PTX assembledAssembled
PTX activatedActivated

Transfer protection whatever the situation

PTX delivers on-deck (Active) manual control and is designed to complement the automated
(Passive) benefits of Gall Thomson MBCs.

PTX and Gall Thomson MBCs each offer different protection and transfer system control options to manage varying emergency scenarios.

Safe distance release with PTX Reflex Hydraulic Power Unit (R-HPU)

The R-HPU is a compact, pre-charged, low maintenance HPU; offering a safe and rapid hydraulic signal to the PTX Release Coupling.

The HPU is operated via pneumatic or electrical push button controls, with mechanical interlocks to prevent accidental activations.

ptx reflex hpu

Typical PTX STS midship configuration with remote activation Reflex HPU

  1. PTX Release coupling.
  2. Reflex HPU push button activation.
  3. PTX Hose Saddle and Fall Arrest (optional).

Further details contact the PTX Team