Petal17 Marine Breakaway Couplings - Gall Thomson

Petal17 Marine Breakaway Couplings

Petal17 Marine Breakaway Couplings

The most advanced
Marine Breakaway Coupling
in the world

Gall Thomson Petal17 MBC

A new standard in operational efficiency and safety – delivered from the advantage of over four decades of operational experience.

Reduced weight – locking petals

Fitted as standard

20% lighter* than the current Gall Thomson Petal Valve range (already the lightest on the market) providing improved buoyancy and easier handling.

Robust CNC precision Petals delivering maximum reliability and improved sealing.

Improved low pressure seals providing reliability and improved sealing on activation.

Refurbishment label for easy reference.

A range of world beating options

Locking Petals improve sealing when harsh environment and low pressure coincide.

Lifting lugs for easier handling during installation or post-activation.

Ultrafloat – the positive buoyancy float.

Petal17 marine breakaway coupling

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*Mean average weight reduction over the Petal17 range.

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