Floats Marine Breakaway Couplings - Gall Thomson
Introducing the
most advanced
Petal Valve Marine
Breakaway Coupling
in the world

Fitted as standard
20% weight reduction,
CNC Petals, improved
Petal Seals and
Refurbishment Label

Locking Petals,
Unit Status Indicators,
Lifting Lugs and Ultrafloat

operational and

The evolution of proven
technology based on four
decades of operational

Floats Marine Breakaway Couplings

Floats for Marine Breakaway Couplings

The neutral buoyancy float

marine coupling floatmarine breakaway coupling float

When immersed and full of seawater, the Marine Breakaway Coupling has neutral buoyancy when fitted with two UltraFloat MBC floats.

UltraFloat is the most advanced and operational efficient MBC float on the market

  • Neutral buoyancy to MBC in hose string
  • 4 x Splitline inspection windows
  • Shaped to reduce drag
  • Simple secure attachment
  • Field proven
Outside dimension Ø1190mm
Length 928mm
Weight in Air 222kg
MBC immersed and full of seawater with 2 float Neutral

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