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Camlock HD – locking cam flange connection

Camlock HD – the Heavy Duty locking cam flange connection

Camlock HD is a heavy duty fast connecting Camlock Coupling; designed to withstand the most demanding of marine environments and offshore operations.

The Camlock HD offers increased safety in use by means of a permanently positioned ‘O’ ring. This eliminates the need for fitting Gaskets and minimises the risk of hand injuries.

The Camlock HD is up to 50 times faster than traditional flange connection methods

Gall Thomson Camlock HD Gall Thomson Camlock heavy duty cams

A 40mm SOLID BAR CAM GUARD and SUPPORT STRUTS offers increased impact protection of the Camlock.

The HD Cam has been redesigned to meet the rigors of the offshore environment. The new profile capitalises on the previous design but offers additional strength and protection against impact.

Optional CONNECTION GUIDE PLATES assist the end user in making a perfect connection every time: enabling even faster connection times.

Camlock HD upgrades are available for all five fitment styles:

Short Spool, Weld Neck Short Spool, Studded, Weld Neck and Slip On.

And is available with Camlock R or Camlock Plus Cams.

The complete Gall Thomson Camlock range is:

  • Compatible with all OCIMF Marine Hoses.
  • Manufactured in ASME, ANSI, DIN, PN and all international flange standards.
  • In Stainless Steel and other low temperature service materials.

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