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Protected Transfer Systems (PTX)

Oil tanker offshore Protected Transfer System (PTX) designed for active and procedural disconnection of the transfer line in response to specific emergency scenarios.

Quick Release Mooring (PODx)

Quick Release Mooring (PODx)PODx emergency mooring releaseQuick Release Mooring Typical applicationsQuick Release Mooring Typical protection scenariosFeatures and benefitsHow it worksSpecifications PODx emergency mooring release[Back to top] Quick Release Mooring Emergency to safety in 100 milliseconds The quick and safe mooring/towing hawser release The PODx mooring or towing hawser release delivers quick and safe disconnection of […]

Camlock HD – locking cam flange connection

Camlock HD – the Heavy Duty locking cam flange connection Camlock HD is a heavy duty fast connecting Camlock Coupling; designed to withstand the most demanding of marine environments and offshore operations. The Camlock HD offers increased safety in use by means of a permanently positioned ‘O’ ring. This eliminates the need for fitting Gaskets […]

Flushing Adaptor Spools (FAS)

Flushing Adaptor Spools for Marine Breakaway Couplings Click here to find out why you should use Flushing Adaptor Spools The Gall Thomson Flushing Adaptor Spool is designed to be used following Marine Breakaway Coupling activation. The set comprise of an upstream and downstream half. These fit the break face of a parted MBC; therefore converting […]

Emergency Release and Shut-Off Coupling

Emergency Release and Shut-Off Couplings (ERSOC)ApplicationsMediaSpecificationsMaterialsFeatures and benefits100% shut off Gall Thomson Emergency Release and Shut-Off Couplings (ERSOC) minimise the risk of offshore spills at FPSO/FSOs caused by anticipated emergency scenarios when the FPSO crew has enough time to disconnect the ERSOC. The ERSOC was developed using proven Gall Thomson Flip-Flap MBC technology. Protecting the […]

Camlock R locking cam flange connection

Camlock R – the locking cam flange connection The exclusive push-button release design eliminates the need for special locking wrenches – delivering convenience and increased operation efficiency. Fully sealed ratchet mechanism – Safeguarding the ratchet mechanism against ingress of dirt or dust – providing minimal operation downtime. Lockable – The Camlock R can only be […]

Floats Marine Breakaway Couplings

Floats for Marine Breakaway Couplings The positive buoyancy float When immersed and full of seawater, the Marine Breakaway Coupling has positive buoyancy when fitted with two UltraFloat MBC floats. UltraFloat is the most advanced and operational efficient MBC float on the market Positive buoyancy to MBC in hose string 4 x Splitline inspection windows Shaped to […]

Petal17 Marine Breakaway Couplings

Petal17 Marine Breakaway Couplings The most advanced Marine Breakaway Coupling in the world A new standard in operational efficiency and safety – delivered from the advantage of over four decades of operational experience. Reduced weight – locking petals Fitted as standard 20% lighter* than the current Gall Thomson Petal Valve range (already the lightest on […]

Underbuoy model analysis

Single Point Mooring model analysis An example of Gall Thomson expertise being applied to a Single Point Mooring underbuoy system. Gall Thomson can construct a computer model of the proposed SPM underbuoy system. This underbuoy model is then tested against different operating and environmental conditions. Typical data collected include water depth range, current, operational wave […]

Flip-Flap Valve Underbuoy UBC

Underbuoy Flip-Flap Valve Breakaway CouplingThe benefits of the Gall Thomson UBC Flip-Flap ValveIllustrated: Flip-Flap Sequential Closure The benefits of the Gall Thomson UBC Flip-Flap Valve[Back to top] Minimum headloss 100% shut-off Click here to request the new Gall Thomson UBC Product Guide Illustrated: Flip-Flap Sequential Closure[Back to top] 1 2 3 4 Valve discs are […]