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Servicing and resetting

Marine Breakaway Coupling service refurbishment and repair

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A comprehensive range of refurbishment, servicing, repair, resetting, inspection and test services for Gall Thomson Petal Valve and Flip-Flap Valve Marine Breakaway Couplings.

MBC Service schedules

How Gall Thomson recommended maintenance schedules are calculated

Gall Thomson has established maintenance schedules for Marine Breakaway Couplings (MBCs) based on almost four decades of hose transfer operational and servicing experience.

Numerous variables dictate the timing and need for the servicing and refurbishment of an MBC.

The following are just a few headline variables that can deliver differences in service and refurbishment requirements: storage, maintenance and operational cycles, exposure to marine life, the chemical composition of the local seawater in which the MBC is operating, frequency and duration of flow operations, average operational sea and weather conditions and the extent and frequency of exceptional sea and weather conditions, even particular aspects in operational handling.

It is for these reasons that Gall Thomson recommends a standard service schedule. This schedule helps ensure reliable operations are maintained and that the risk of spills is minimised.

Recommended service schedule

There are two parts to the recommended service schedule. These have been designed to take account of both the logistical demands of operations and expected performance of MBCs.

Best practice Warranty service schedule

A best practice Warranty service is required every 3 years. This period includes storage and time in operation.

Warranty Certification: limit is 3 years.

Conformity service schedule

An additional 2 years of service window period is then provided: allowing for the logistics of operations, transportation and weather. The Warranty Certificate is not active for these 2 years, but the Certificate of Conformity remains active until the MBC reaches 5 years since its last service. After this time, all certification on the MBC is invalid.

Certificate of Conformity: limit is 5 years.

Gall Thomson MBC recommended rolling service schedule_72dpi

The MBC is therefore capable of maintenance-free service for the first three years, after which there is a service window of two years; assuming no activation occurs. It is therefore recommended that after three years a preventative maintenance service schedule is implemented.

Marine Breakaway Couplings that are refurbished within the recommended service schedule and by a GTAC approved engineer will benefit from an additional 3 year Warranty Certificate and 5 year Certificate of Conformity.

This therefore provides a rolling service and certification programme for the MBC.

Examples of Gall Thomson MBC refurbishment projects

Before refurbishment After refurbishment
Gall Thomson MBC before refurb 1 Gall Thomson MBC after refurb 1
Gall Thomson MBC before refurb 2
Gall Thomson MBC after refurb 2
Gall Thomson MBC before refurb 3
Gall Thomson MBC after refurb 3
Gall Thomson MBC before refurb 4 Gall Thomson MBC after refurb 4
Gall Thomson MBC before refurb 5 Gall Thomson MBC after refurb 5

Gall Thomson Approved Certification (GTAC)

GTAC is the standard in MBC servicing, refurbishment and repair.

All work is performed by Gall Thomson approved engineers and each unit is returned with the Gall Thomson full factory backed warranty and GTAC certification. This ensures long life and reliability for this vital piece of safety equipment.

Click here for detailed information on GTAC.

GTAC provides the reassurance that the commissioned MBC is serviced and certified to the approved standard.

Advantages of GTAC

  • GTAC approved engineers conduct and confirm the quality of work.
  • Recognised standard of service history is logged.
  • GTAC approved material and parts.
  • Quality control procedures to BSI 9001 Quality Certification.
  • Component replacement procedure for refurbishment project.
  • Upgrade to current design where appropriate.
  • Application of final stage anti-corrosion protection.
  • The same rigorous test procedures as used during manufacture.
  • Recommendation report regarding usage and handling.

GTAC Approved Engineers

Using an approved GTAC engineer ensures that all inspection, procedures, materials and components used in the service, repair or refurbishment of the MBC conform to the GTAC Standard.

A GTAC Engineer is trained to inspect the unit with the advantage of Gall Thomson operational experience and is therefore able to identify potential issues that may arise. The GTAC Engineer is also able to offer advice on how to prolong the operational life of the coupling.

GTAC therefore provides the reassurance of a properly maintained MBC, reduced potential liability and value for money.

Gall-Thomson MBC refurb inspections

Shown: Gall Thomson engineers undertaking inspection procedures at the UK Technology Centre.

Third party inspection

Third party inspection can be arranged where required; examples include Lloyds, ABS, DNV and BV. Such inspections are separate from and additional to the GTAC inspection procedure.

Operational advice

Gall Thomson provides operational advice throughout the life of the MBC. This includes terminal specific recommendations.

For example, if you are changing the operational task of the MBC and wish to receive advice regarding either its specification or revised maintenance schedule then please contact the Gall Thomson team on telephone +44 1493 857936 or email

Peace-of-mind support services

GTAC global support

Where supported by in-country representation, Gall Thomson can arrange for the collection and return of your unit. Contact the Gall Thomson support team for more information.

Workshop facilities

Gall Thomson is opening partner workshops in strategic locations. These contain all the necessary tools, services and GTAC approved engineers to perform refurbishment and repairs.

On-site support

Where a partner workshop is not available, GTAC Engineers can visit the customer’s site to perform the work. GTAC Engineers can also work with a nearby facility recommended by the operator.

Local repair

Not only can a Gall Thomson local workshop perform the reset or refurbishment of your Marine Breakaway Coupling, but in most instances it can also perform reclamation work to units that have been damaged due to impact, corrosion or violent activation.

Inspections and operational advice

Gall Thomson is able to visit customer sites to inspect MBCs and offer operational advice.

Warranty and Certification

As all work is undertaken or supervised by GTAC trained technicians, the Gall Thomson standard warranty and factory support will apply; exactly as if the work was performed at the Gall Thomson UK facility. Factory Acceptance Tests are also performed as necessary.

Certification and documentation provided on completion of an MBC service, repair or refurbishment.

  • GTAC Certificate – confirming work, materials and components used on the unit are to GTAC Standards.
  • GTAC Resetting/Refurbishment Information Pack and Service Report – detailing the work completed and any additional advisory comment.
  • Warranty Certificate – providing 3 years product warranty.
  • Certificate of Conformity – providing 5 years product conformity.
  • Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manual (IOM).

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