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MBC4 Service Options

Marine Breakaway Couplings
MBC4 Service Options

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When your Marine Breakaway Coupling needs inspection, servicing, resetting or repair you now have…

4 flexible options to get your MBC back in service

The MBC4 flexible response to Marine Breakaway Coupling servicing is designed to protect MBC integrity and keep maximum oil uptime by taking into account your local operational and logistical circumstances.

MBC4 includes approved regional service centres strategically located around the world and GTAC (Gall Thomson Approved Certification) certified engineers offering a range of services from installation and commissioning to full refurbishment and repair.


Option 1: In-field service by your engineers

Resetting and servicing can be carried out by your engineers without the supervision of a Gall Thomson certified engineer by using a Gall Thomson Spares Kit and the Gall Thomson Refurbishment/Resetting Manual.

Suitable for servicing and resetting.
Advantages: No specialist equipment such as awkward or bulky frames is required.


Option 2: Gall Thomson Engineer visit

A certified engineer from Gall Thomson will visit your site and conduct the resetting and servicing of your MBC.

GTAC Engineers can also inspect MBCs and offer operational advice.

Suitable for servicing, resetting and simple repairs.
Advantages: Gall Thomson Warranty and GTAC.


Option 3: Return MBC to Gall Thomson UK Technology Centre

The MBC is fully inspected by GTAC approved engineers and pressure tested with new vital components.

A design upgrade is also offered where applicable.

The advantage of choosing this option is the extensive test facilities available at the UK Technology Centre.

Suitable for service, reset, simple to complex repairs and design upgrade.
Includes fast-track servicing options.
Advantages: Gall Thomson Warranty, GTAC and design upgrade.

Gall-Thomson MBC refurb inspections

Option 4: Gall Thomson Approved Regional Service Centres

Fully qualified GTAC engineers reset, refurbish or repair your MBC according to Gall Thomson standard procedures.


Worldwide in-country support


Gall Thomson Approved Service Centres are located in North and South America, the Caribbean, West Africa, Europe, Middle East, India, South East Asia and Australia.

This in-country support minimises shipping cost, downtime, export and reimport procedures.

Suitable for servicing, resetting and simple to complex repairs.
Advantages: Gall Thomson Warranty and GTAC.

Gall Thomson MBC4 service options summary



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