MBC Refurbishment FAQ - Gall Thomson

MBC Refurbishment FAQ

Marine Breakaway Couplings Refurbishment – frequently asked questions

1. What is GTAC?

Gall Thomson Approved Certification (GTAC) is the recognition of the proven procedures, components and trained engineers involved in the service and refurbishment of Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Couplings.
These procedures are therefore based on over 40 years of Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) manufacturing and application experience.

To gain GTAC approved status on a resetting and refurbishment MBC project, only Gall Thomson approved engineers can inspect, undertake and supervise any required work.

2. What is the importance of regular refurbishment?

Regular GTAC refurbishments are as equally important as installing MBCs in the first place. Properly scheduled GTAC refurbishments and reinstallations ensure the continued integrity of the MBC; enabling continued protection of the operation and the environment from emergency situations.

The Gall Thomson OEM renewed warranty also offers additional peace of mind.

3. How often does an MBC require inspection when in service?

MBCs should be inspected by a diver every 3-6 months. Checking the condition of key and critical areas of the MBC ensures effective MBC management. For more information on inspection procedures contact Gall Thomson team.

4. How often does an MBC required refurbishment?

To ensure continued Gall Thomson backed warranty, the MBC should be fully refurbished by GTAC approved technicians every 3-5 years.

5. What is the warranty offered by Gall Thomson following GTAC approved Refurbishment?

Should the MBC be refurbished by GTAC approved technicians every 3-5 years, the warranty period offered following the refurbishment will be 3 years. If the MBC is refurbished as per the recommended schedule, it is possible the MBC remains within the Gall Thomson warranty for the duration of its design life.

6. If a service schedule is missed, is it possible to reinstate the MBC 3-year warranty period?

If an MBC refurbishment is missed, it is possible to reinstate the 3-year warranty. This additional service is offered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on this potential option, contact the Gall Thomson team for further information.

Tel: +44 1493 857 936
Email: mail@gall-thomson.co.uk

7. Can our own technicians refurbish our MBC(s) and still maintain the Gall Thomson Warranty?

Whilst Gall Thomson fully respects engineers around the world as being highly skilled, the Marine Breakaway Coupling is an intricate safety device that prevents potential pollution events should a Tanker Breakout or a pressure surge occur.

A trained GTAC technician benefits from over 40 years of Field Verified Gall Thomson experience and these skills enable the reassurance of the Gall Thomson warranty.

During inspection and dismantling and the process of refurbishment by GTAC technicians, specific observations may indicate performance aspects from the perspective of its specification, application and environment. This process can enable important advice for future management of the MBC and the ability to maintain the Gall Thomson warranty.
For these reasons, should non-GTAC technicians refurbish the MBC, Gall Thomson could not provide the warranty.

8. In my case, sending the MBC back to the UK is extremely difficult due to extensive export and reimporting procedures. Are there alternative local GTAC approved workshops available?

Yes, there are several strategically placed GTAC workshops around the world. These workshops cover all continents.

For more information contact the Gall Thomson team.

Tel: +44 1493 857 936
Email: mail@gall-thomson.co.uk

9. Can our own Technicians be trained to GTAC Standard?

It could be possible to train your own technicians. However, this depends on the criteria of machinery and services available in your local area. Contact the Gall Thomson team for further information.

10. What is the difference between GTAC Warranty and the certification of conformity?

GTAC Warranty is issued by Gall Thomson following full refurbishment by GTAC trained technicians. OEM warranty is vital to ensure that integrity of the MBC is restored following refurbishment.

Although the recommendation is to refurbish every 3 years, Gall Thomson understands that this is not always practical and has tied the MBC maintenance schedule to mirror the hose change out frequency of most operators. Therefore, because the equipment is capable of 5 years of service before further refurbishment is required, the certificate of conformity is also valid for 5 years.

OEM backed warranty and renewed certification of conformity are vital for auditing procedures and potentially lowering insurance premiums. It may also be a Government requirement.

11. If we do not refurbish our MBC(s) to the Gall Thomson recommended schedule of 3-5 years, will our MBC(s) still be suitable for the full design life?

Gall Thomson has found examples where MBCs have not been refurbished to the recommended schedule and this has in some cases led to the integrity of the MBC being compromised and in some, but very few cases, resulted in the MBC being uneconomically viable to repair. To avoid this circumstance, the Gall Thomson recommendation is to refurbish the MBC every 3-5 years.

12. Does Gall Thomson offer servicing contracts so we can pre-plan a refurbishment schedule for our fleet of MBC(s)

Yes. Gall Thomson can provide such support. Contact the Gall Thomson team to discuss long-term refurbishment contract options.

Tel: +44 1493 857 936
Email: mail@gall-thomson.co.uk

13. One of our MBCs is approaching the end of its design life, our company has refurbished the MBC as per your recommendations. Can we extend its design life?

In some circumstances, it may be possible to extend design life for a short period of time to assist with budgeting for a full replacement. This is treated strictly on a case-by-case basis. For more information contact the Gall Thomson team.

14. Can the settings of the MBC be changed during refurbishment?

Each MBC is manufactured and refurbished based on the system parameters for which it was originally designed. Should these parameters have changed since the MBC was first manufactured or last refurbished, then it is important to supply such information to Gall Thomson.

It is possible a settings change will be required on the MBC and a refurbishment to ensure operational safety and asset protection. If there is more than one MBC in the operation, then all MBCs may require setting reviews to accommodate the new system parameters. Contact Gall Thomson for more information.

15. While the MBC is being refurbished by Gall Thomson, can I borrow an MBC from a neighbouring terminal or from another of our locations?

No. It has come to Gall Thomson’s attention that a few MBCs have been used in locations other than their original supply. MBCs are non-interchangeable. Please note that this is against all OEM recommendations and could lead to terminal damage or improper function. If you are not sure of the origin of your MBC or original settings, please contact Gall Thomson.

16. On the Gall Thomson website, the Petal17 Marine Breakaway Coupling offers several operational benefits. Can these be fitted on our current MBCs?

Yes. In some circumstances, Gall Thomson can retrofit the Petal17 operational benefits to an existing MBC therefore further enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Petal17 is the most advanced MBC available so there are many useful options to consider.

Many operators around the world are retrofitting upgrades to their MBCs.

For more information on MBC retrofit options please contact Gall Thomson.

Tel: +44 1493 857 936
Email: mail@gall-thomson.co.uk