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MBC Activation examples

Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Coupling activation examples

gallthomson activation examples
Photos from a typical incident in 2015. Post activation shows Gall Thomson Petal Valve.

Note: Client confidentially requires that names and precise locations are not published.

India June 2017

Event: Activation
Cause: Excessive weather conditions provoked tanker breakout.
Result: Gall Thomson Petal Valve MBCs performed as designed.


Wind speeds in excess of 75 knots caused an oil tanker to break its moorings. The resulting tensile load transferred from the hoses to the Marine Breakaway Couplings (MBCs). Two Gall Thomson Petal Valve MBCs activated and closed the upstream and downstream flow of crude oil within the transfer system. Separation of the hose strings then took place.

No damage was caused to the marine hoses and no pollution was reported.

The Gall Thomson MBCs performed at the precise moment and in response to the circumstances for which they were designed and in accordance with their pre-set parting loads.

Points to note

Each MBC is manufactured with a tailored set of parameters for a specific terminal, therefore MBCs cannot be interchanged.

Following the MBC activation, the customer utilised the Gall Thomson MBC4 service.

13 MBCs have successfully activated and delivered protection from asset damage and pollution in India since 1986. All were caused by tanker breakouts or extreme pressure surge events.

Information and data from all known activations are assessed and processed into the Gall Thomson’s continuous Research and Development program.