Gall Thomson GTAC Certification

GTAC Approved Certification

The reassurance of GTAC

Gall Thomson Approved Certification GTAC standard for Marine Breakaway Coupling maintenance, repair and resetting.

GTAC delivers the reassurance that the highest standard of service and maintenance has been completed on this safety critical piece of equipment.

GTAC ensures that all procedures, components and engineers involved in the servicing of the MBC are GTAC Approved and on completion of the work, the MBC will receive GTAC Certification along with a detailed report which is sent with the MBC back to the operator.

Recognised Standard of Marine Breakaway Coupling service history

The operator is able to keep a log of the Gall Thomson Approved and Certified service history for each Marine Breakaway Coupling.

3 year warranty with GTAC service

MBCs that are refurbished within the recommended service schedule and by a GTAC approved engineer will benefit from a 3 year warranty.

Click here for further information on Gall Thomson recommended service schedules and certification.

GTAC Marine Breakaway Coupling Assessment and Inspection procedures

GTAC Marine Breakaway Coupling inspection procedures are completed and logged at each stage of the resetting or refurbishment project.

These inspections include external examination of the MBC on arrival, disassembly, part and component inspection, assembly and a summary inspection of the unit at dispatch.

Particular cause and effect inspections include the examination for evidence of corrosion, wear, stress or damage to the unit or its components.

GTAC Approved Gall Thomson engineers

For the Marine Breakaway Coupling to gain GTAC approval on a resetting and refurbishment project, only Gall Thomson approved engineers can inspect, conduct and supervise any required work.

The Gall Thomson team working on the service project are fully trained and experienced engineers and are confirmed as meeting the standards expected from a GTAC approved project.

Marine Breakaway Coupling materials and parts

All newly installed parts have been sourced from the Gall Thomson factory or its approved suppliers and have been manufactured within 6 months of the installation date, where applicable.

Component replacement procedure for a refurbishment project

  • Renewal of required closure components.
  • Replacement of seals / springs.
  • Upgrade to current design (where appropriate).
  • Renewal of Breakstuds with batch tested replacements.
  • Replacement of security tags.
  • Application of final stage anti-corrosion protection.

Quality control procedures

All elements of the project are monitored, logged and time managed. This allows adequate attention to each detail of the project.


All refurbished MBCs undergo the same rigorous test procedures as used during initial manufacture. These include:

  • Dry Petal closure test.
  • High-pressure body integrity test.
  • Maximum safe working pressure test.
  • Breakstud assembly proof test.
  • To ensure a reliable parting load, as with a new unit, an independent test house performs destructive testing on representative samples from each new batch of Breakstuds.

Recommendation Report

As part of the refurbishment process, Gall Thomson will record the condition of the unit and provide a summary of the work performed. Recommendations regarding the MBCs usage and handling to ensure the long-term protection of your hose transfer system will also be part of the Recommendation Report.

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GTAC stamp of Approved Certification

The GTAC stamp of Approved Certification

Marine Breakaway Coupling Refurbishment Information Pack

A complete Resetting/Refurbishment Information Pack and Service Report will accompany the returning Marine Breakaway Coupling.

GTAC Approved Certificate

GTAC Certificate confirming the completion of the GTAC standard on the Marine Breakaway Coupling. The GTAC certificate will accompany the returning MBC unit.