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Unit Status Indicators,
Lifting Lugs and Ultrafloat

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ISO Standards

Gall Thomson ISO standards

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization

ISO 9001 for Quality Management

Gall Thomson ISO 9001

Gall Thomson certificate number: FM 588505

Gall Thomson was assessed and awarded ISO 9001 for Quality Management in 2013. This means Gall Thomson operates a Quality Management System containing procedures and documentation that adhere to the high standards expected from ISO 9001.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System includes the following:

Management that is committed to an ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Gall Thomson management is committed to a documented and comprehensive Quality Management System and places high priority on activities that are critical to meeting the expectations of customers.

Structured resource management

Staff are trained to operate within the Quality Management System. The work infrastructure and environment also meets customer and regulatory requirements.

Customer service

Products and services are delivered within a defined strategy that meets the expectation of customers. Order processing and development are communicated and controlled within an effective and efficient system.

Product realisation

Product design and development is documented and is constantly reviewed and evaluated against strict and defined performance criteria.

Measuring satisfaction

Documented procedures monitor customer satisfaction and ensure products produced by Gall Thomson conform to stringent quality control processes.

ISO 14001 for Environmental Management

Gall Thomson ISO 14001

Gall Thomson certificate number: EMS 588506

ISO 14001 is the world’s most recognized environmental management standard.

Gall Thomson was assessed and awarded ISO 14001 for Environmental Management in 2013. This means Gall Thomson operates an Environmental Management System that contains procedures to monitor and proactively reduce the impact of Gall Thomson activities on the environment.

This includes reducing the environmental cost of waste, reducing energy and material consumption, lowering distribution costs and improving the Gall Thomson corporate image among regulators, customers and the public.