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Marine Breakaway Coupling engineered solutions

Being the original inventor and with over 40 years of experience in the design, engineering, application and specification of Marine Breakaway Coupling solutions, Gall Thomson has more knowledge to draw from than any other company in this arena.

Marine Breakaway Coupling: When it comes to offering an anti-pollution and safety device to support liquid product transfer in an offshore marine environment, no one can surpass the engineering expertise of Gall Thomson.

The technical knowledge built up over this time means that the Gall Thomson design department has the ability to create a bespoke solution to meet the demands of almost any scenario.

marine breakaway coupling Gall Thomson design

Data collected concerning not only system properties but also environmental factors, which can have significant effects on the operation of the system, allows Gall Thomson to ensure the Marine Breakaway Coupling will operate in all applications and conditions.

The return of units for servicing and repair also allows Gall Thomson to gather vital information concerning life span, handling conditions and erosion characteristics. This allows the team to build up a picture of how the Marine Breakaway Couplings react to different sea conditions and how environmental factors can affect them in service. This intelligence enables the most relevant specifications to be applied to projects: standards that continue to deliver trouble-free service for the life of a Gall Thomson unit.

This unparalleled experience allows Gall Thomson to suggest efficient solutions to problems, and through working with client engineering teams, ensure that the coupling is always in the most effective position in the hose string. This ensures that should it be required, it will perform flawlessly, without compromising the system’s integrity at any point.

Through working with customers and using the data and expertise collected over the years, in not only specifying, but also manufacturing and servicing, Gall Thomson continues to develop the highest standard of products that are even more user friendly and applicable to any situation.

These are the unique and reassuring advantages of Gall Thomson proven technology.