Customers - Gall Thomson



Gall Thomson works closely with the leading names in oil and gas transfer. Below are a few examples of our customers’ experiences.

CALM Buoy Terminal, India.

“Unfavourable weather and sea conditions resulted in Tanker breakout twice and the Breakaway Coupling activated when the Floating Hoses came under excessive tension.

We are pleased to report that the Gall Thomson unit prevented any damage to our loading hoses and immediately shut off the product flow, preventing pollution.

As an anti-pollution and safety device we would recommend to any offshore terminal operator to install Gall Thomson units into their Hose system.”

SPM Terminal, North Sea, UK.

“In my ten years of experience, I can recall three occasions when units were required to function. The couplings functioned perfectly each time. In my experience we have never had a failure on the unit.”

Articulated Loading Column, North Sea, UK.

“During the six months since its installation, the coupling has been required to operate on one occasion and did so satisfactorily with no resultant damage to hose, column or tanker.”

SPM Terminals, Saudi Arabia.

“The couplings are excellent insurance against hose loss, pollution and SPM operating down time in the event of a tanker breakout and we think they should be given serious consideration by anybody operating an SPM/CBM terminal.”

CALM Buoy Terminal, Nigeria.

“During severe weather conditions, there was a rupture in the mooring hawser resulting in parting of the marine breakaway coupling. We are pleased to advise you that the coupling functioned successfully and prevented damage to the floating hose system, whilst further, no damage to this sensitive environment occurred.”

CALM Buoy Terminal, Lithuania.

“During two emergency tanker breakouts, both caused by the mooring hawser failure (parting), the Tankers moored at the SBM started to drift away. Both Double Closure Breakaway Couplings activated properly in accordance with design application, preventing a major oil spill in this very environmentally sensitive area.”

FPSO, FSO, CALM Buoy, SALM Buoy, SPM, CBM Operator, Worldwide.

“I am entirely satisfied with the level of expertise and quality of service provided by Gall Thomson and will ensure that SBM continue to use this reliable device to protect the environment.”

FPSO Norway.

“During 21 years of operation and with almost 1000 hook-ups (offloadings) on both Norwegian and English sectors, the MBC has been operating faultlessly. Based on the excellent performance experienced on Petrojarl 1 over 21 years, operating in a harsh North Sea environment, we can strongly recommend the Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Coupling.”