Camlock-R locking cam flange connection - Gall Thomson

Camlock-R locking cam flange connection

Camlock-R – the locking cam flange connection

camlockr gall-thomson-camlock-r-camlock

The exclusive push-button release design eliminates the need for special locking wrenches – delivering convenience and increased operation efficiency.

  • Fully sealed ratchet mechanism – Safeguarding the ratchet mechanism against ingress of dirt or dust – providing minimal operation downtime.
  • Lockable – The Camlock-R can only be dis-engaged by pressing the push-button release against the spring and again rotating the Cam by hand.
  • 360° engaged ratchet – The patent pending design includes 2 rings of teeth, ensuring the ratchet mechanism is fully engaged at all times.
  • The Camlock-R eliminates any concerns over the effect of vibration on the Cams.
  • No additional tools required.

Manufactured to Gall Thomson standards with over two years of confirmed field experience (first supplied in January 2016).

The Camlock-R is proving to be the first choice for many operators.

Contact the Gall Thomson Sales Team on how the Camlock-R can increase the efficiency and safety of your operations.