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About Gall Thomson

Gall Thomson: innovation and proven technology

Although an industrial breakaway coupling (also invented by a Gall Thomson company) was already in use on road and rail tanker traffic hoses and loading arms before the invention of the Gall Thomson marine device in 1978, no such coupling existed for crude oil transfer operations, involving marine vessels offshore.

The principles of the industrial device were not suitable for marine transfer hoses because of the flow, pressure and physical limitations of the conical spring valve employed at that time.

Deep Sea Task Force and the Gall Thomson MBC design

In 1979, Gall Thomson unveiled the Marine Breakaway Coupling, specifically developed to operate within the exacting parameters laid down by representatives of the world’s offshore fluid cargo transfer operator community and members of the Deep Sea Task Force, a globally respected marine industry consultancy and recommendations body based in the United Kingdom.

MBC Irish Sea

Meeting the demands of marine operators

Prototype units were extensively and successfully tested and working closely with major European marine operating companies, a worldwide patented device was produced that fully satisfied the requirements of marine terminal operators.

Becoming a world leader 

Gall Thomson went on to pioneer the global market for the product and remains the undisputed world leader in Marine Breakaway Couplings for offshore liquid product hose transfer systems.

Developing the range 

During a period of growth between 1996 and 2000, Gall Thomson acquired the Welin Camlock Coupling business from Welin Lambie Ltd., whilst the Flip-Flap MBC, first supplied in 1987, was widely established as a device ideally suited for the safe offshore transfer of low viscosity products, including LPG down to minus 50 deg.C.

Proven technology

Gall Thomson has supplied units to all of the world’s major oil companies and a huge number to lesser known operators.

The Gall Thomson MBC is the only device available with substantial proven field experience in all types of hose transfer systems.

The product is universally acknowledged as the Industry Standard.

Innovative design, precision engineering, strict manufacturing processes and the proven technology of Gall Thomson, assure unequalled product integrity and reliability.